Baby Food to Help Parents Feed Their Keiki Better 

100% Organic

Always Fresh

No Preservatives

What Is Healthy Baby Food...?

What Exactly Is The Difference Between Our Fresh Food & The Store Bought Stuff?

Good Clean Food Hawaii has partnered up with the Mamas of Healthy Baby Hawaii to bring you fresh, organic baby food! GCF Hawaii is a local company focused on making healthy eating simple, convenient, & delicious for busy families.  For the last 7 years, all meals have been locally made on Oahu so that Moms & Dads like you, who are active and busy, can easily feed their kids the most nutritious and delicious baby food.  We all want the freshest, most nutritious food for our little ones, so that they can grow and are set up for a lifetime of health!  Why GCF Baby Food?

Know exactly what you're feeding your baby.

No preservatives or additives EVER!

Only fresh fruits, vegetables, and other REAL ingredients are used.

Everything Your Baby Needs

Delivered FREE Every Week

YES! GCF Hawaii Baby Food Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Feed Your Baby Nutrient-Dense, Plant Based Baby Meals, Without the Hassle of Shopping & Cooking, AND Delivered for FREE To Pick Up Locations All Over Oahu!  


Simple Online Ordering 

Choose A Delivery Location

Fresh Baby Food Delivered

Every meal is cooked fresh & 100% free of sugar, dairy, gluten, and soy. 

Jon, Honolulu

Thank you for this, so much better than grocery store baby food and so much easier than me having to do it myself! Five stars all the way!

Jackie, Kailua

They freshly prepare your baby’s meals every week unlike the grocery store brands which can be months or even years old. 

Jennifer, Kapolei

Saves me so much time because they deliver.

Have Questions or Special Requests? Give Us a Call at 808-339-1314


GCF Hawaii delivers 100% fresh, chef prepared plant-based meals to

24+ pickup locations island wide.  Making it easy to eat plant based through your day.   

1. What is Good Clean Food Hawaii?

3. How many meals should I order?

5. What is in each meal?

7. How long do the meals last?

9. What other products do you offer/deliver?

2. How does ordering work?

4. Does the menu change?

6. Can I pick my meals for my order?

8. When will meals be delivered?

10. How does the subscription work?

Still Have Questions?  Give us a call at 808.339.1314 or email us at

35 Kainehe St, Suite 108

Kailua, HI 96734


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