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Keiki Meals

Kids & parents love

Fresh, Locally Made Meals Delivered Right to Your School.

On the menu

Each GCF meal is perfectly sized for kids. 


Sample Menu 

New Weekly meals designed for kids,

full of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Custom Solutions to Fit Your School

Good Clean Food Hawaii grew out of a need for clean, fresh, and convenient
meals on Oahu that would allow people to eat healthy without the hassle of
shopping, cooking, & cleaning. Since 2011, GCF has been focused on creating
good for you meals made from the best local ingredients available. We believe
that food matters and hope that our services can help the islands make
healthier decisions and develop healthier lifestyles through smart and
convenient nutrition. GCF’s mission is to “Make eating clean, easy, honest and
delicious so that our customers can live happier and healthier lives.


Meals offered include:
● All meals prepared Fresh
● Fresh fruits and vegetables
● 100% whole grains
● Focus is on lower fat and higher nutrient foods
● Never anything fried!
● Exceed all DHEBPCS & NSLP requirements


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Good Clean Food Hawaii

35 Kainehe St. #108

Kailua, HI 96734

Have Questions? Call (808) 339-1314

Good Clean Food Hawaii Oahu Meal Prep
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