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Keiki Meals

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Fresh, Locally Made Meals Delivered Right to Your Door.

Enjoy Stress Free Healthy School Lunch at Home

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Each GCF meal is perfectly sized for 1 kid 8-14 years old. 

All meals are delivered fresh and ready to eat in under 2 minutes.


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No coupons or discounts can be applied for school meals

This Month's Menu 

New Weekly meals designed for kids,

full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Kids Menu

Order before Thursday at 9 PM for next week's meals

Good Clean Food Hawaii grew out of a need for clean, fresh, and convenient
meals on Oahu that would allow people to eat healthy without the hassle of
shopping, cooking, & cleaning. GCF for 7 years has been focused on creating
good for you meals made from the best local ingredients available. We believe
that food matters and hope that our services can help the islands make
healthier decisions and develop healthier lifestyles through smart and
convenient nutrition. GCF’s mission is to “Make eating clean, easy, honest and
delicious so that our customers can live happier and healthier lives.

Good Clean Food Hawaii is an active advocate for healthy eating and healthy
lifestyles in Hawaii. We give our time, money, and resources to ensure that our

keiki understand the importance of a healthy mind and body not just for their
benefit and their families benefit but for the benefit of our Ohana. In the
community we provide educational and interactive resources during trainings,
seminars, & events. The resources emphasize the importance of making
healthier choices to prevent long term health issue and to increase their quality
of life now and into the future. Our team walks the walk as we are involved in
the health & fitness community via Girls on the Run of Hawaii (Board Members
& Volunteers), Women’s Health Organizations (Volunteers), American Heart
Association (Volunteers), CrossFit Gyms, Oahu based sporting leagues, and
other activities/organizations that encourage healthy decisions.

Good Clean Food Hawaii’s goal is to provide a variety of healthy, from scratch
meals made on Oahu with as much local and organic ingredients as possible.   Our meals are designed and prepared to give parents peace of mind and
students more energy allowing them to learn better, focus, & stay alert
throughout the school day. Avoid that dreaded post lunch crash!  Kids school lunch meals are offered in 1-week increments. A parent will opt-in for a week or opt-out
using the ordering platform. The meal(s) will be delivered to the home or can be picked up from the Good Clean Food Hawaii kitchen in Kailua.


Meals offered include:
● All meals prepared Fresh
● Fresh fruits and vegetables
● 100% whole grains
● Focus is on lower fat and higher nutrient foods
● Never anything fried!
● Exceed all DHEBPCS & NSLP requirements


Ordering is easy with the online ordering platform or simply call in your kids order to our customer service team. Allergies & food preferences (Gluten Free or Vegetarian) can also be applied.  Have questions?  Give us a call anytime at 808.339.1314.  Always happy to help! 

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Good Clean Food Hawaii

35 Kainehe St. #108

Kailua, HI 96734

Have Questions? Call (808) 339-1314

Good Clean Food Hawaii Oahu Meal Prep
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