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Top 5 Benefits of Meal Prep

Meal Prep gets a bad wrap for being time consuming, boring, bland, and the list goes on... BUT WHY!?!? In fact, there are TONS of benefits to meal prepping and can I let you in on a little secret? You don't even have to cook


  • Meal prep can free up time in your busy schedule

  • You can't outwork a bad diet

  • If you can't cook -or- don't cook... there are options

  • Find a food tribe for community and support

More Time For What Really Matters

Having your meals pre-prepared means more time for one of the most important activities for your health—sleeping! Getting adequate sleep supports immunity, a healthy metabolism, glowing skin, cell regeneration, positive mood, and much more. Having your meals prepared each week helps with getting more sleep throughout the week, which is better for you, your mood, and your body.

When you choose GCF for your meal prep, you’ll get even more time for catching some Z’s, because you won’t be spending any evenings planning, preparing, or cleaning. That newly freed up evening time can go to so many things. With meal prep, you’ll have more time with family and friends and more time to unwind and relax. Maybe you’ll even have time to create your own evening routine and start maximizing your wellness.

Start an Exercise Regiment

With all that extra time, you can also spend more time with your fitness. The awesome thing about getting good sleep and nutritious food is that our bodies feel that much better. When we’re well rested and well fed, our workouts are more effective, more enjoyable, and provide more benefits. Healthful food provides superior nutrients that your body will use during workouts, and maintain your energy levels throughout the day so you’re motivated to work out more frequently.

“All the exercise in the world wont help you lose weight if your nutrition is out of whack.” - WebMD

Did someone say more energy?

Another awesome benefit of meal prep (on your own or with GCF) is that you’ll have consistent meals packed with vitamins, nutrients, and the proper proportions of macros. Going hours and hours without a meal causes blood sugar to drop, making us sluggish and irritable. And, when you’re super hungry, making healthier choices is harder.

We’ve all been stuck in meetings or work for hours and hours, feeling our stomachs rumble. And, without a healthy snack available, we’ll often go for whatever’s easiest—whether it’s a sugar-filled pastry or a mega-processed 7-11 musubi. We’ve all been there, and sometimes it’s unavoidable…but having healthy meals already prepared will limit those blood sugar lows and impulse junk food purchases.

Stress Less, Stress Free, Easy Peasy

Another added benefit to meal prep is it’s easier than ever to stick to your desired tribe. Sticking to Keto is tough when much of the options out there are high-carb and high sugar. You won’t find freshly prepared, Paleo-friendly ingredients in your vending machines, either. As anyone in our Vegan tribe knows, animal products can be found in all kinds of unexpected foods. Meals and snacks that are already prepared by GCF or you at home eliminates the need for last-minute junk food buys.

Whether you’re working from home and want to avoid the hourly grazing, or in an office and don’t want to eat the break-room snacks, having nutritious and delicious meals at the ready can make a huge difference in how you eat.

You Can Do It!!

Another benefit of meal prep from GCF is you’ll stay motivated, because our rotating menus will keep your taste buds happy and interested. It’s hard to come up with new ideas and recipes every single week—we all get tired of eating the same thing every day.

Alternating home prep with GCF prepared meals is a great way to take advantage of our specialty menus and mix it up when you’re getting bored with the same old chicken / rice / broccoli combination. Food fatigue is real, and we’re less likely to stick to our positive habits when we get bored or feel disinterested. Keeping your menus varied is easy with GCF’s help!

Those are our top five favorite benefits of meal prep at home and from GCF—what other benefits have you found from meal prep? What do you wish was easier about meal preparation? Are you looking for new recipes to vary your same old meals?

Let us know more in the comments!

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